" We pride ourselves in helping others build strength...
both in the mind and body. "

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Strengthen Your Core

Our classes are based on Pilates Principals and are designed to work the full body with a constant emphasis on the core. 
A strong core enhances stability and balance, improves posture, decreases lower back pain and enhances performance in everyday or athletics activities.


Strengthen Your Body

At Pilates on 3rd we challenge our clients by offering diversified classes to provide you with fun, unique and intense workouts that help to make you stronger and leaner.  Our classes our designed to stimulate multiple muscles simultaneously and are performed slowly to activated the slow-twitch muscle fibers, leading to a long lean and strong body.


Strengthen Your Mind

We believe that a strong mind facilitates a strong body and that with a strong mind, you will be committed to your practice and achieve new levels of health and fitness.