Pilates Reformer Classes


Private Reformer Sessions (50 mins)

This private one-on-one session is tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses.  Whether it's your first time or you have been practicing Pilates for awhile, a private session is an effective way to focus on your specific needs and learn the exercises we do in our group classes, as well as, focus on form and technique.  Depending on your goals the instructor will customize a program especially for you that incorporates the reformer and other Pilates equipment.  Single and Duet private sessions are available depending on instructor availability.   

Semi-Private Reformer Classes (50 mins)

A small intimate class that offers an experience on different pieces of Pilates apparatus: the reformer, the tower, jump board and the split pedal EXO Chair, all of which work in unison to provide the most complete body conditioning.  This full body workout is done in a safe and low impact environment with the assistance and resistance of weighted springs and with constant engagement of the core.

Reformer Foundations (50 mins)

This class is designed to be both informational and encouraging to all clients.  The instructor will introduce the fundamentals of Pilates including: breathing from the core, mobilizing and stabilizing the pelvis and spine in neutral position, and learning to initiate the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor in concert with the spine and limbs.  Whether you are a beginner or novice client, the foundations class is effective for enhancing your body awareness and perfecting form.



Pilates Fitness Classes

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Pilates Blast (50 mins)

Pilates Blast is the ultimate trifecta giving you three important elements to a strong, lean and balanced body.  This class incorporates high intensity training on the Pilates Jump Board to get your heart rate up and burn calories; TRX and Kettlebells for strength and resistance training to build lean and strong muscles; and the Pilates reformer to focus on core strengthening and flexibility. 

ReformeR BEATS (50 mins)

Strengthen the body, tone and elongate muscles,  burn calories and increase flexibility with Barre Reformer.  This combination class of Barre moves uses isometric movements to sculpt, define, and build balance along with classic Pilates reformer exercises that strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles. This class will use interval training to improve stamina, power and body awareness.