I’d heard a lot about the benefits of Pilates and finally decided to join a studio. I knew I didn’t want to take mat Pilates through a group class at a gym; I’d done it before and I never felt like I got much out of the classes. There were so always many people with only one instructor and by the time I thought I got my form “right” it was time to move on to the next exercise and so by the time class was over, I’d barely break a sweat because I’d spent the whole time trying to figure out the correct form/poses. Plus, I feel the reformer provides better stability for the back and a great low-impact workout (Gliding on the reformer can be fun too!).

I had it narrowed down to two studios. All it took was the free intro class at Pilates on 3rd and I knew this was the studio for me. I enjoy the intimate setting (at most only 3 students per Reformer Pilates class), the individual attention I get from the instructor in every class (form is so important) and I never feel like I’m being rushed. I truly believe in the adage that “You get what you pay for!” and so for me, the classes at Pilates on 3rd are a great investment into my overall health and well-being. Building that one on one relationship with the instructors (Neely and Karla are awesome!) truly makes me feel like they’re also invested and helps me to be accountable not only to myself, but to them as well. I’ve been a dedicated student ever since and can’t wait to try out the other classes that are offered, but only after I master Teaser!
— Sovia List, 32
Pilates on Third is a positive fitness community where the instructors make sure everyone in the class has met before beginning. Aside from their kindness all of the instructors are very good at what they do. My core strength has improved dramatically and I’ve gone from needing to see the chiropractor once every 2 weeks to once every 3 months. I have a history of joint hypermobility and Pilates has helped to stabilize my joints and keep them flexible without overstretching. I can now run and play racquetball without fear that I will reinjure my shoulder or hip. I have tried many other fitness routines to improve these problems but the benefits of Pilates and TRX coupled with small classes with knowledgeable instructors is what I think has done the trick. So, personally I have seen great benefits but I’ve also seen fellow classmates lose weight and increase strength. Pilates on Third is a great studio with a variety of classes and fitness options for everyone.
— Ali Dykhouse, 27
I tried my first Pilates class in May when Pilates on Third offered a free class. I was intimidated when I first walked in but was welcomed in with open arms and a lot of instruction. I have incorporated this class into my regular workouts and I have never felt better or stronger. My body feels balanced and I can see my progress! They offer classes that work into my schedule and this studio has become like a “home” with such kind and knowledgeable instructors. I have met wonderful people and made good friends there. My friends have noticed a difference in my body and I feel like my body is never “bored” because the workouts are always varied. I’ve also done the yoga and Barre classes and highly recommend those as well! If you want a wonderful workout—try Barre!

The atmosphere is encouraging and warm and the instructors are top notch! Jackson, the studio mascot, is a furry bundle of love! This studio has been such a welcome addition for me and I am a very happy client that can’t say enough good things about Neely and all the instructors at Pilates on Third
— Laurie Chandler, 51
First I just want to thank Neely and her wonderful staff for providing a non-intimidating environment to get fit. It was very easy to walk in not knowing a thing about Pilates/Yoga and get oriented. I’ve never been a fitness type of person and have relied on my activities to get fit but having the responsibilities of later life doesn’t always allow me to do the sports I love and keep in shape. Now I have P3 and love it. Not only am I staying in shape and feel great, I actually look forward to working out because of the stepping-stones P3’s staff has laid out for me. Thanks for dedicating your time to peoples fitness.
— Brian Christenson, 43
Pilates is something new to me, but I believe it will be a life long practice. It has improved my posture, flexibility, and muscle tone, especially my core! I use to have frequent muscle “knots” in my upper back and neck, but Pilates has alleviated this agonizing issue. Thank you Neely, Karla, and Tetyana for making a personal investment in me, and sharing your love of Pilates and expertise!
— Jenna, 29
I am a transplant to Jacksonville and had joined a gym, 2 years, but was not feeling the love. I stumbled upon Pilates On Third through a Groupon advertisement. I fell in love with the place the moment I entered the studio, it has great energy, and friendly instructors and clients, who make you feel welcome and always a delight to work with. If you feel like your routine needs a challenge, this is the studio to join, Pilates, TRX, or Yoga, these ladies know how to work you!!
— Sharon Licamara