Neely Hufnagel, Owner/Pilates Instructor

Neely Hufnagel, a Calgary native and a former competitive downhill skier, continued her athletic venture playing collegiate volleyball at Montclair State and moved to Jacksonville Florida in 2002 where she earned an MBA at University of North Florida. With her father being a former Professional football player, a Professional coach and presently a General Manager for a professional football team, Neely’s up bringing has been centered around both athletics and fitness.  She became a certified personal trainer where she developed an intensive weight-lifting regimen to prepare for her physique competitions. Neely decided to integrate Pilates into her personal fitness training. Pilates transformed her body, helping her to win her first physique competition and gave her the true mind-body connection and focus that had been missing from her existing routine.  

Neely founded Pilates on 3rd in 2012.  She aspired to create a studio where she could share her passion for Pilates as well as the positive impact Pilates has on the whole health – mind, body, and spirit – of those who practice it. 

Nichele McDonald, Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Nichele’s interest in the fitness world evolved from her desire to focus on preventative health by using nutritional foods as medicine along with yoga and fitness. She is a Jacksonville native, a graduate of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (Dance) and the University of North Florida with a BS in Health Science/Exercise Science. She is 500 hour RYT certified through the Yoga Alliance and has an extensive background in dance and gymnastics including professional cheerleader for the Roar of the Jacksonville Jaguars. She is also certified with NAKA Athletics Freestyle Connections with Carl Paoli. She has spent years building corporate wellness programs as well as individual training plans. Her passion for yoga, pilates and fitness derives from years of dance & fitness and the dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Her focus is on the importance of nutrition to fuel our bodies to maintain and build strength and endurance to create the best “You” possible!

Tricia Cooper, Certified Pilates Instructor

Tricia started as a student Pilates on 3rd over 3 years ago and was hooked from Day 1!   Always having been active, she was excited to find such a new and challenging practice. Tricia had been doing yoga for years and is a RYT-200 hr, but tried her first class at P3 at the recommendation of her brother (who is a trainer and competitive power lifter) as a way to help build muscle and recover from the birth of her daughter.  

Pilates has totally transformed Tricia’s body to be so much stronger than ever before and gives her the energy to keep up with her three little ones. Tricia’s husband is a Chiropractor and she places a great deal of value on the importance of an anatomically sound work-out. She was so excited see the benefits of Pilates on lengthening and strengthening the spine and entire core, which is an often-missed part of typical exercise.  She was incredibly happy to see and feel the difference in how Pilates works to tone, helps with proper alignment, strengthens everywhere, builds flexibility, and stabilize the core through controlled and precise movements. 

Tricia began her Pilates certification in Jan. 2015 and is constantly looking for new ways to engage her students.  She loves that it never gets easier because there are always new challenges!  Being active in Pilates through her third pregnancy has inspired Tricia even more to get people practicing Pilates because of the amazing way it makes your body feel, look, and develop.  Her journey at P3 has been so positive and life changing and she is inspired and grateful to help others on the same path!

Dr. Kristen Curtis, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pilates Certified

Kristen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy through Florida Gulf Coast University. She has specialized in orthopedics within her physical therapy practice. As Kristen has always maintained an active lifestyle, she has experienced multiple orthopedic injuries herself. This is what makes Kristen passionate about her job.  

Kristen first experienced Pilates when she herself was rehabbing an injury and was instantly hooked. She received her Pilates Certification through PHI and is eager to continue with additional training and education to further her Pilates practice. She now enjoys integrating Physical Therapy with Pilate’s skills for injury rehabilitation, body awareness, wellness and fitness. The ultimate goal is to help others keep doing what they love!

Jessica Hammond, Certified Pilates Instructor

Jessica graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science.  She relocated to the city of San Diego where her Yoga path began at the Iyengar Yoga Studio of San Diego. It was in that studio where Sri Arun H.S. named her the "small wonder." The seed for Yoga as a way of life became embedded.  

he then moved to Louisiana and co-facilitated the opening of Body Factory Lafayette, a cutting edge facility. She managed the facility for six years and taught over 6,000 Lagree, core cycling, barre and yoga classes.  During that time Jessica became TPI certified (Titleist Performance Institute) and started an exceptional golf fitness training program at the Body Factory.  Combining Yoga and Lagree she has assisted many golfers in attaining the flexibility, strength (specialty gluts) and power necessary to have the best swing possible.  Her ability to incorporate the tenants of Yoga and the concept of mindfulness have been an asset to the mental component of the golfer’s game. 

Jessica moved to Jacksonville Beach in 2017, attained her Pilates certification through Body Balance Institute and joined Pilates on 3rd.

Jessica is well known for her vibrant energy and honest teaching style.  She has a keen eye and her meticulousness ensures that you will be provided with a thorough assessment and optimal outcome.  She motivates, encourages and takes clients to the next level.  She has the ability to make you smile while demanding your best. She utilizes her energy to guide you.  Her gratitude remains deep every time she sees clients arrive for class.  She appreciates the opportunities to help others grow while learning from them as well.

Rachel headshot.jpg

Rachel Sassoon, Certified Pilates Instructor

Rachel found Pilates on 3rd a few months after moving to Jacksonville Beach in 2015 to return to an office job in the travel industry after years of living abroad. Transitioning back to a sedentary job was challenging so she began looking for a low intensity full body workout. Having been born with hip dysplasia she has struggled with pain and discomfort from her lower back down to her ankles throughout her life. After spending most of her teen years in physical therapy for hip and knee problems she thought her options would be extremely limited. She sporadically took yoga, aerial yoga, mat Pilates and kickboxing classes over the years, but never truly enjoyed working out until getting on the reformer! She was hooked from day 1 and soon she was in the studio 5-6 days a week. Pilates began to transform her body and she noticed muscles she’d never had before and became much more aware of her body’s movements and the improvements to her posture. After the boost in confidence the reformer sessions gave her she was able to pick up weights for the first time ever while taking a Pilates Blast class. The class showed her how to take the fundamentals of Pilates training and utilize them in new and diverse exercises as well as everyday life.

She began her instructor training in January 2017 with PHI Pilates founder Christine Romani-Ruby and has continued to train with master trainer Ariel Hernandez to complete her certifications in Mat Pilates (level 1 & 2), Pilates Mat with Props, Reformer Pilates (level 1 & 2), Pilates Arcs and Barrels, Tower/Cadillac and Wunda/Combo chair. She loves learning new techniques and move combinations to keep Pilates exciting and to incorporate all of P3’s equipment in her classes.

Hanna Hullender, Certified Pilates Instructor

Hanna was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL.  After obtaining her bachelor’s degree from University of Mississippi, she found herself back at the beach.  It just took one class at Pilates on 3rd for Hanna to fall in love with Pilates.  She attended Pilates daily resulting in a physical transformation feeling stronger and healthier.  Because of her dedication and passion for Pilates, she was approached to be a Pilates on 3rd Instructor.  She received her Mat 1 and Reformer 1 Certification through Ariel Hernandez at PHI University.  Hanna is excited to share her passion for Pilates with clients, helping others build strength and transform their mind and body as she did.